ISEF 2017 Finalists


Congratulations and Good Luck at ISEF in May

Finalists (L to R): Kaitlyn Galliher, Alan Hwang, Michael Miller 

& Alternate: Xiaochen Yuan

Casef Fair Week


Special 60th Anniversary Schedule in 2017

Wed. March 22  Set up 4-7pm
Thur. March 23  Judging Day
Fri. March 24 Grand Champion Judging Day
Sat.  March 25 Afternoon Awards Ceremony and Anniversary Reception
Students and parents- See Fair Week link for details.

Order CASEF t-shirts


First time ever! CASEF has two shirts for sale before, during and after the fair. This is our 60th anniversary and we have an official t-shirt!  The shirts can be ordered at the link below.

and will be available for pick up at set up on Wed March 22.  We will have a few for sale during the fair and a late order may be completed at an additional  cost to cover shipping after the award ceremony. Cost is $10 for each shirt.


60th Anniversary Award Finalists and Grand Champion Winners


Developing a Cost-Effective 3D Printed Hand with Speech Recognition Alan Hwang, Hershey High School – Derry Township – GRAND CHAMPION

Using PCR to Determine Presence of Wolbachia in S. cybele at Fort Indiantown Gap Kaitlyn Galliher, Susquenita High School – GRAND CHAMPION

A Computational Model for Studying Cancer: Detecting Immediate Drivers for Malignant Tumor Progression Michael Miller, Hershey High School – Derry Township – GRAND CHAMPION

Generating a NPAS2 Knockout Luminal Bladder Cancer Cell Lines Xiaochen Yuan, Hershey High School – Derry Township – ALTERNATE

The Effect of Caffeine on E. Coli Bacteria Dalia Shvartsman, Harrisburg Academy

Deriving Diamagnetic Displacement Braden Kronheim, Carlisle High School

It’s All Creek to Me: A Study of Hampden Township Creek Water Quality Madelyn Grossman, Cumberland Valley High School



Fire after the Dryer: The Effect of Fabric Softener on the Flammability of Fabrics Zachary Yaniek, Good Shepherd School – GRAND CHAMPION

Lighter Can Be Mightier Melanie Uroda, St. Theresa – 1ST RUNNER-UP

Coast Guard Adam Warren, St. Joseph – Mechanicsburg – 2nd RUNNER-UP

Garden with a Hue Vanessa Wacker, St. Joseph – Mechanicsburg The Effectiveness of Antibacterial and Organic Soaps Praneeta Bandi, Harrisburg Academy

Does the Number of Vents on a Parachute Affect the Landing Accuracy? Madelyn Kline, St. Theresa

Broadcom Masters Semifinalist!

Yaninek, Zachary Grade: 7
Good Shepherd School, Camp Hill, PA
Project Title: Inhibiting the Corrosion of Various Metals Through the Use of Ascorbic Acid
Teacher:  Stephanie Miller