Congratulations to our ISEF FINALISTS!

April Pivonka, Grade 12, “Optimizing Hydroponic Plant Growth and Energy Usage with LED Spectral Manipulation”,  Camp Hill High School

Wyatt Howe, Grade 12, “A Practical Cryptosystem with Provable Security”, Hershey High School

Alec Warren, Grade 11, “Autonomous Intersection: Creating And Simulating An Intersection Without Traffic Lights”, Harrisburg Academy

Zoe Timothy, Grade 12, “Pharmaceutical Identification and Purification”, Susquenita High School


CASEF 2018 Grand Champion Finalists

Senior Division:

SR-MH-020  “Should Doctors be Aware of Inter-Arm Blood Pressure Differences in Their Patients?”
Harrisburg Academy

Sponsor: Lakshmi Shrikantia

Maci Wert, Grade 11

SR-EV -003 “Optimizing Hydroponic Plant Growth and Energy Usage with LED Spectral Manipulation”

                             Camp Hill High School

                             Sponsor: Amy Diehl                     GRAND CHAMPION

                             April Pivonka, Grade 12

SR-MT-001 “A Practical Cryptosystem with Provable Security”

                             Hershey High School

                             Sponsor: Jason Sibbach GRAND CHAMPION

                             Wyatt Howe, Grade 12

SR-CP-005 “Autonomous Intersection: Creating And Simulating An Intersection Without Traffic Lights”

   Harrisburg Academy

                           Sponsor: Lakshmi Shrikantia GRAND CHAMPION

                           Alec Warren, Grade 11

SR-EN-015 “Pulling the Plug on World Problems: Creating an Inexpensive and Frictionless Wind Turbine

                            to Power the World”

                            Cumberland Valley High School

                            Sponsor: Mike Floreck GRAND CHAMPION ALTERNATE

                            Dev Lochen, Grade 9

SR-MH-004 “Pharmaceutical Identification and Purification”

                              Susquenita High School

                              Sponsor: Kathy Becker GRAND CHAMPION

                               Zoe Timothy, Grade 12

SR-AN-003 “Planariidae as a Model System for Studying Neurological Aspects of Allergy Response: Year Two of an Ongoing Study”

                             Central Dauphin High School

                             Sponsor: Scott Fields

                             Cheyna Warner, Grade 10

SR-CH-005 “Power the future: producing gas by using curcumin solution and formic acid”

   Harrisburg Academy

                           Sponsor: Lakshmi Shrikantia

                           Zishan Li, Grade 10


Junior Division:

JR-PH-016 “Cell Phone Radiation: Health Hazard?”

   Cumberland Valley Good Hope Middle School’

                            Sponsor: Heather Castle SECOND RUNNER-UP GRAND CHAMPION

                            Parimala Rajesh, Grade 7

JR-CH-017 “Decaf or Not Decaf: That is the Question”

                           St. Theresa School

                           Sponsor: Michelle Banks

                           Ben Frantz, Grade 7

JR-CH-018 “How Cool Are You?”

                           St. Theresa School, Grade 8

                           Sponsor: Michelle Banks GRAND CHAMPION

                           Heather Seubert

JR-BC-004-T “The Effect of Light Pollution on the Glucose Production of Aquatic Plants”

                                 Mechanicsburg Area Middle School

                                 Sponsor: Brian Chubb

                                 Kelsea Rae Harshbarger & Jackie Rae Wyszynski, Grade 7

JR-AN-004-T “Tick Talk”

                                Camp Hill Middle School

                                Sponsor: Amy Diehl FIRST RUNNER-UP GRAND CHAMPION

                                Anna Lentz, Grade 8


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SRC Deadline November 17

Approval is needed for projects that use human participants (including survey data collection), vertebrate animal testing, Potentially Hazardous Materials (microbiology and DNA manipulation).
Please refer to handbook as to what projects can be approved by school IRB, which projects are exempt and which need SRC approval.