Fair Week

 What Happens During Fair Week?

Monday, March 5, 2018:      4 -7 pm (must be in building by 6:30set up MUST have                                                    hard copy of  Exhibit Identification/Project Summary Form                                                    and be CERTIFIED by Casef Staff Member or will be                                                          disqualified.
Tuesday, March 6, 2018      Judges Meeting 8 am and project review until 11 am.                                                          Student Interviews 12:00-1:30
                                              Grand Champion Call-backs after 4pm
Wednesday, March 7th       Grand Champion judging 9 -11 am
                                              OPEN TO PUBLIC  8 am to 8 pm
Thursday, March 8th           OPEN TO PUBLIC 8am to 7:30 pm
                                           * Awards Ceremonies: Auditorium
                                                   Junior Division starts at 5:30 pm
                                                   Senior Division starts at 7:30 pm
                                            Any projects not removed by 10 pm will be recycled

69th Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2018 to be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, May 13-18, 2018.


Judges reviewing Senior & Junior Division projects



Student Interviews with Judges and Special Award JudgesIMG_1241

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Science Fair Project Ideas

It’s time to start thinking of ideas for the science fair this year. The best ideas are when you think of a problem. Whether the problem is around the home, your neighborhood, school, or state; think of a way to solve that problem and test it. These are the types of projects that do very well with the judges.

To get started, look through the pages on How to start a science fair project and explore the internet, professionals, library, etc for more information. Good luck.

Our State Library has a maker space workshop that offers free resources to teachers, students to sign out. Check our links to the right.

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