All necessary CASEF forms can be found on this website and any appropriate Intel ISEF forms, you may go directly to ISEF website  and look for forms link on left. Guideline pdf of ISEF Rule and regulations rulebook and regulations.

Teachers’ forms: New Photo Release Forms for All participants-

 HACC Photo release*

*Student brings the completed hard copy of the Photo release form to registration along with logbooks, project and permitted display items (see rules above.)

In addition, *MUST HAVE hard copy of Summary Form and checklist at set up, no project will be permitted to enter without it.

2019 CASEF Forms

ISEF Forms: All CASEF participants MUST fill out appropriate forms (some are required BEFORE experimentation begins).

2019 ISEF Forms-  Change: ALL participants MUST fill out Forms: 1, 1A, 1B and 3













Link to    student registration open now

Access the Intel ISEF site through: You can click on the Intel ISEF site on the left margin. From here, you can access all ISEF forms, rules and guidelines and the RULES WIZARD. The Rules Wizard will help student determine which forms they must complete for their individual type of research. ALL students MUST complete forms:

  • Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1)
  • Student Checklist (1A) with a completed Research Plan and References (The abstract/summary should be completed at fair time and on the official CASEF form found on this website.)
  • Approval Form (1B)
  • Risk Assessment (3)- New this year

Need More Information?

The rules and guidelines for Capital Area Science and Engineering Fair are available on the Science Service website in a number of formats to better aid all of those involved in the process: students, parents, teachers, and mentors. Click here and then click on International Rules and Guidelines for the full text of the rules and the forms both in html and in a downloadable format.

  • Intel ISEF Rules Wizard for the wizard asks a series of questions to determine a list of forms that you need to complete.
  • Overview for Forms and Dates for a brief explanation of each form’s purpose and when in the science fair project process it should be completed.
  • Common SRC Problems for some quick pointers about what NOT to do.