Thank you for being part of the greatest STEM opportunities for students. Again, this year on our Judging form, we will ask if you have security clearances that are required for any educational faculty and persons who volunteer. If you haven’t applied for the child abuse and FBI clearances, we are asking you to consider doing this..the clearances will be good for 5 years. Information and links will be added shortly. Thank you!

Link to register for being a judge click here

JUDGING is at Harrisburg Area Community College in Blocker Hall

Judges Schedule – Tuesday March 5
8am – Coffee and brief meeting Cooper Student Center
 Review of projects – Blocker Hall
10:45 – 12  Lunch is served – Select Medical Building 1st floor
12 – 1:30 – Student interviews
1:30 – Tally and turn in materials to CASEF office  (Blocker 221)

March 5, 2019  from 8:00 am- 3:00 pm (may be done sooner)

Judges Meeting 8:00 am

GRAND Champion Judging  9:00- 11:00 am

                           Student Interviews 12:00-1:30

I am on the mission of lining up  judges to assist in the evaluation of the projects that will be submitted by students from the 37 county area surrounding Harrisburg

To those who have judged in the past and have been generous enough to donate your time to that evaluation task, I am again seeking your assistance in two ways:
First, I ask you to commit to helping in the task. This year, the judging date will be on March 5, 2019.   As before, we will begin with a light breakfast around 8:00 AM and followed by a brief training.The remainder of the morning will allow you time to evaluate the projects you have been assigned.  As in the past, we are hopeful that with sufficient judges in our pool, we will be able to keep that number to around 8 projects for your evaluation.
Secondly, I also ask that you consider your colleagues and acquaintances who may be able to assist in the judging process and either give me their contact e-mail or pass this information on to them so that they may fill it out and send it in to me!
Finally, we are asking you and anyone you know in the science field to support CASEF by donating online whatever you can afford. We have lost some major partners and do not want the students to have less in prizes and awards. We appreciate your support as the critical part of our success. The donation button is on the upper right of our webpage.
We do have a  judging form for the engineering-rubric projects that will be used this year. Please view the form over, if you would like to see the changes. The for for the traditional projects is here as well- judging rubric traditional
The attached file is a Word document, Judging Reply form
you should be able to open it, complete the needed information and then attach it back to me in an e-mail to   director@casef.org.
Thank you,
Valerie Knowles
Fair Director