Summer Teacher Workshops



August 14 (physical sciences-solar energy, robotics, raspberry pi circuitry, 3-D printing and scanning, moon map and more!) and

August 15 (life sciences, interactive skeleton and body systems, microbiology, forensics, fossils, and more).

Each day runs 8:30 am – 3:00 pm and will earn 6 hrs of ACT 48 credit.

There will also be sessions each day on how to find research project ideas and background research.  How to change any scientific article to any reading level without losing content, the how-to’s of using library resources in your classroom FREE of charge.  Also a Q&A session on CASEF, forms, special awards, or whatever topics are on your mind.  We have a few grand champions coming to visit over the lunch hour for Q&A as well.

Cost $20/day (includes coffee and lunch) and 6 hrs ACT 48 credit.

See/test out the materials you can borrow for your classroom and available for student use at the Maker Space.  The activities include the lesson plans with standards.

PLEASE SHARE:  Contact for more information.  Registration forms are available at

60th Anniversary Award Finalists and Grand Champion Winners


Developing a Cost-Effective 3D Printed Hand with Speech Recognition Alan Hwang, Hershey High School – Derry Township – GRAND CHAMPION

Using PCR to Determine Presence of Wolbachia in S. cybele at Fort Indiantown Gap Kaitlyn Galliher, Susquenita High School – GRAND CHAMPION

A Computational Model for Studying Cancer: Detecting Immediate Drivers for Malignant Tumor Progression Michael Miller, Hershey High School – Derry Township – GRAND CHAMPION

Generating a NPAS2 Knockout Luminal Bladder Cancer Cell Lines Xiaochen Yuan, Hershey High School – Derry Township – ALTERNATE

The Effect of Caffeine on E. Coli Bacteria Dalia Shvartsman, Harrisburg Academy

Deriving Diamagnetic Displacement Braden Kronheim, Carlisle High School

It’s All Creek to Me: A Study of Hampden Township Creek Water Quality Madelyn Grossman, Cumberland Valley High School



Fire after the Dryer: The Effect of Fabric Softener on the Flammability of Fabrics Zachary Yaniek, Good Shepherd School – GRAND CHAMPION

Lighter Can Be Mightier Melanie Uroda, St. Theresa – 1ST RUNNER-UP

Coast Guard Adam Warren, St. Joseph – Mechanicsburg – 2nd RUNNER-UP

Garden with a Hue Vanessa Wacker, St. Joseph – Mechanicsburg The Effectiveness of Antibacterial and Organic Soaps Praneeta Bandi, Harrisburg Academy

Does the Number of Vents on a Parachute Affect the Landing Accuracy? Madelyn Kline, St. Theresa

Casef Fair Week

Special 60th Anniversary Schedule in 2017

Wed. March 22  Set up 4-7pm
Thur. March 23  Judging Day
Fri. March 24 Grand Champion Judging Day
Sat.  March 25 Afternoon Awards Ceremony and Anniversary Reception
Students and parents- See Fair Week link for details.

Order CASEF t-shirts

First time ever! CASEF has two shirts for sale before, during and after the fair. This is our 60th anniversary and we have an official t-shirt!  The shirts can be ordered at the link below.

and will be available for pick up at set up on Wed March 22.  We will have a few for sale during the fair and a late order may be completed at an additional  cost to cover shipping after the award ceremony. Cost is $10 for each shirt.