Broadcom Masters Semifinalist!

Yaninek, Zachary Grade: 7
Good Shepherd School, Camp Hill, PA
Project Title: Inhibiting the Corrosion of Various Metals Through the Use of Ascorbic Acid
Teacher:  Stephanie Miller

CASEF 2016 ISEF Finalists


Left to Right: Pia Alderman, Wesley Sheker, and Alan Hwang.

Congratulations to these three dynamic students who did an excellent job at Intel ISEF this year in Phoenix Arizona May 9-13, 2016. Wesley won 3rd place in his category- Microbiology.


59th Casef Senior Grand Champions Announced

Casef Grand Champions 2016

L to R- Wesley Sheker, Alan Hwang, Pia Alderman

Congratulations! Best of luck at ISEF May 8-13 in Phoenix, Arizonia!

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Wesley Sheker,                       Pia Alderman

Harrisburg Academy               Trinity High School

20160226_095354 20160226_100915

Alan Hwang                          Alternate, Maggie Wu

Hershey High School            Hershey High School

Senior Finalists

Clayton Hillson – Delone Catholic “Parental Attitude and Childhood Obesity”

Erica Wang – Hershey High School “Fine-grained Crowd Selection for Mobile Crowd Sensing”

Kim Dudding – Trinity High School “Keeping and “Ion” Roundup

Alternate Grand Champion – Maggie Wu – Hershey High School “Detection of Free Radicals”

Grand Champions:  

Wesley Sheker – Harrisburg Academy “Methylococcus capsulatus in a Bioreactor”

Alan Hwang – Hershey High School “iOS App: Enable an Arduino Controlled 3-D Printer Hand

Pia Alderman – Trinity High School “ Effect of Infrared/UV Light on Dugesia tigrina Regeneration

Junior Finalists:

Jaime Carson – St. Joseph School Mechanicsburg “The Cricket is the Ticket”

Megan Gouldy – St. Joseph School Mechanicsburg “What Dirty Little Secrets is Your Toothbrush Hiding?”

Second Runner-up:   Megean Siedlecki – Good Shepherd School “Solar Fire”

First Runner-up: Megan Holtzinger – Bermudian Spring Middle School “Jack and the Beanstalk”

Grand Champion: Jack Drda – Camp Hill Middle/High School “How Does the Quality of Local Bodies of Water Affect Algal Growth?”