Just for Teachers

October  11, 2018 @ 4pm-7pm General Membership Meeting at 212 Blocker Hall at HACC. Mini sessions and dinner provided along with Act 48 credits.

Summer and Fall Teachers Workshop at State Library -Act 48  credits available-costs  includes lunch, credit from CAIU. Contact Valerie Knowles for future workshop dates.

Capital Area Science and Engineering Fair Mentors Available!!

The Capital Area Science and Engineering Fair provides mentors to teachers and other designated adults to help with paperwork and the entry process. Contact Valerie Knowles via email for information.

School Registration

CASEFRegistration is open to seventh through 12th grade students in public, independent and parochial schools in the following counties:

Adams, Bradford, Cameron, Carbon, Centre, Clinton, Columbia, Cumberland, Dauphin, Elk, Erie, Franklin, Fulton, Huntington, Juniata, Lackawanna, Lebanon, Luzerne, Lycoming, McKean, Mifflin, Monroe, N. Umberland, Perry, Pike, Potter, Schuylkill, Snyder,  Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga, Warren, Wayne, Wyoming, Union, and Northern York School District and Red Land High School in West Shore School District of York County.  Note:  Franklin Teachers must submit a registration form (available on this website) for each participating school and the appropriate registration fees to Valerie Knowles, Fair Director, at HACC by due date listed on Deadline page.

Checks should be made payable to the Capital Area Science and Engineering Fair, the entry fee is $50 per each eligible grade level within the registering school. The fair is open for students in grades 7 through 12. In a typical middle school, there are grades 6,7,8. Since only grades 7 and 8 are eligible to enter, the registration fee is $100. If your school has grades 7 and 8 but only seventh grade participates in the science and engineering fair, the registration fee for your school is still $100 since your school does house two eligible grades.

Teachers: The Delaware Valley Science Fair is making resources available for your use on their web page for teachers. Visit www.drexel.edu/dvsf/teachers.htm to access this information.

Homeschool students are invited to participate and their teachers should contact
Valerie Knowles, Fair Director, at 717/724-3892 for registration information.

The greatest single thing that you can do for your students to help them become more successful is to teach them to prepare a journal of their ‘day to day’ work. Initially, this journal might be a description of what they did, what they chose to do it this way etc. Eventually, however, this will detail their experiment, their data, their thoughts about what is happening and what they will be watching for in future observations. Many times the absence of this journal becomes a determinant in judging between the good and the truly outstanding projects. You can help your students make this leap by teaching them this skill and then requiring it of them in your local fair!

Please Note:

All necessary CASEF forms can be found on this website under FORMS and any appropriate Intel ISEF forms can be found at the ISEF weblink.

Access the Intel ISEF site through: societyforscience.org. You can click on the Intel ISEF site on the left margin. From here, you can access all ISEF forms, rules and guidelines and the RULES WIZARD. The Rules Wizard will help student determine which forms they must complete for their individual type of research. ALL students MUST complete forms:

  • Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1)
  • Student Checklist (1A) with a completed Research Plan and References (The abstract should be completed at fair time and on the official CASEF form found on this website.)
  • Approval Form (1B)


For many students, there will be other forms that must be completed in a timely fashion and may need to be submitted for SRC review. Please use the Rules Wizard at the ISEF website to help you determine which forms are needed. You may also contact CASEF directly for additional assistance.

All students creating projects involving vertebrate animals, animal or human tissue, humans, DNA, pathogenic agents or controlled substances must submit a completed Research Plan/Approval Form and all other necessary certification forms to the Fair Director by due date for review. This plan must be approved IN ADVANCE by CASEF’s Scientific Review Committee (SRC)

Please Note:

  • All junior division human behavioral science projects should be reviewed by your in-school Institutional Review Board (IRB) and you MUST complete section 2 on Form 1B.
  • Research plans for projects involving items listed above must be reviewed and approved by the Fair’s Scientific Review Committee (SRC) or your school’s IRB prior to research. The Category Selection Committee will not accept projects involving these subjects that do not receive proper prior approval.
  • All Projects’ registration forms must be submitted along with the entry forms by due date listed on deadline page for review by the Category Selection Committee and final approval by the SRC. All entries must include a student exhibitor entry form, an exhibit identification/project abstract, a research plan/approval form and an adult sponsor checklist.