Powerpoints for you to adapt/use:

Science Fair Presentation Part 1 –  Introduction to Starting a Science Fair Project

Science Fair Presentation Part 2 – Setting up experiment and data, etc.

Science Information on the Web and at the State Library

analyzing data ppt 2016

fwdmaterialsfromstatisticsworkshop Statistics from Drexel U

 Handouts – to use with students:


How to write a Purpose and Hypothesis

Working With Data

Elements of Writing a Science Fair Project (1)

Lab Activity/ Animal Projects with provided resources  by the Pa Society for Biomedical Research will provide free classroom materials

Fun Lab in Introduce Scientific Method: M&M Lab

Maker Space Fossil Field Journal

ISEF Finalist & Judges Comments

Advice for Teachers by Pia Alderman CASEF Grand Champion and ISEF Finalist 2016.

math, eng tech notes Judges comments in math, engineering and technology projects from last fair

Useful or interesting websites: great for first time science fair project ideas. Includes a survey to see what areas are generally interesting to students or go straight to project ideas.– great introduction to measuring in metric. Use I.S. units/metric– great introduction to working with excel to make data tables and graphs– American Statistical Association- a more advanced website for analysis of data 

Discovery Education Biological Interactive Website

Workshop Survey after Maker Space Lab

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